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Why iGreen?

  • iGreen is a robust end-to-end BI/data management solution that was designed specifically to meet the needs of the water and energy infrastructure market.
  • iGreen is a mature operational tool, up and running in 60 world-class facilities.
  • Deployment is simple and rapid.
  • Once deployed, iGreen is user friendly, flexible, and easy to maintain. The operator takes “ownership” of the solution.
  • Manpower is freed up from the time-consuming manual procedures typically used today to gather and structure data. With these procedures automated, actionable reports are generated at the click of a button.
  • Low total cost of ownership and managed risk.
  • Expert domain-specific solutions are available to supplement the basic platform. These solutions support decisions, detect anomalies and ultimately improve efficiency (e.g., reduce costs) and effectiveness (e.g., reduce downtime).
  • IOSight provides a flexible business model fully adapted to the customer specific requirements : License + an annual service fee or SAAS.