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iGreen – Smart Management Solution for Infrastructure Facilities


How does it work?

  • iGreen’s main data source is the control layer (devices, sensors and meters).
  • However, in order to present a complete picture of the plant’s performance, the system also collects data from other sources such as lab test results, the plant’s ERP/CRM systems, historical data, etc.
  • The data is then cleansed, pre-processed and structured to ensure ease of use.
  • Sensitive information remains secure through the isolation of critical administrative data from operational and control networks.
  • IGreen’s diagnostics provide continuous insight into the facility’s status in terms of operational elements, regulatory compliance, productivity and maintenance. Some examples of the day-to-day usage of iGreen:
      • Energy optimization
      • Equipment efficiency
      • Availability
      • Quantities, meters and billing
      • Water network diagnosis
      • Chemical management


iGreen effectively addresses your plant’s data management challenges.