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iGreen provides a number of modules to ensure that infrastructure facilities get the utmost value. iGreen modules come with a set of predefined reports suited to the needs of various verticals. The reports can then be configured and tailored within minutes. Choose the relevant iGreen module(s) according to your facility’s immediate needs and add others as those needs evolve.

Basic Reporting

The iGreen reporting module is based on real-time analysis of the facility and its performance in order to ensure insightful decision making. Its intuitive graphical interface presents a visual hierarchal tree of the infrastructure facility’s assets. Using data collected from disparate sources, queries can be executed without extensive technical know-how and reports can be configured and generated within minutes. The Reporting module provides operational, quantitative and analytic reports that can be distributed in different formats via email and/or SMSto be shared across the organization and even outside the organization.

Predefined Reports

  • Desalination
  • Water Treatment
  • Waste Water Treatment

Preventive Maintenance

Equipment and preventive maintenance, as well as quality assurance, are critical components of infrastructure management. With iGreen’s Preventive Maintenance module, infrastructure facilities can easily, efficiently and effectively evaluate their assets in order to schedule equipment maintenance processes. In addition, trend reports can be run for preventive maintenance, maintenance need forecasting and quality assurance inspectionsall to ensure maximum infrastructure robustness and efficiency.

Alerts and Events Management

Extending the capabilities of traditional HMI/SCADA software, iGreen’s Alerts and Event Management module provides easy-to-use tools to track, evaluate and control ongoing and future events. This powerful module uses an advanced analysis algorithm to provide the following key capabilities:

  • Tracks the progress of an event based on a predefined process flow for each type of event.
  • Reports events and maps their relationships to various plant parameters in order to find the source of the event.
  • Analyzes the results to detect and understand patterns leading to the event to support strategic foresight planning.
  • Calculates the relationship between a statistical graph model of behavior and its relationship to the data using an event locator tool.

Laboratory Data Management

It has become a common quality assurance practice to use internal and external laboratories for sampling and testing products, adding to the volume of the plant’s data overload. iGreen’s Laboratory module imports sampling files in different file formats from a wide variety of external resources such as laboratories and meteorology stations. It then efficiently analyzes the data into a format that is compatible with the facility’s BI/data management tools so that lab results can be effectively factored into decision making.