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IOSight’s products are specifically designed to meet the challenges faced by critical infrastructure facilities:

  • Information overload: Massive volumes of complex information coming from disparate and unconnected systems.
  • Intensifying regulatory demands: Plants face severe fines if quality and compliance reports are not provided on schedule.
  • Zero tolerance for disruption of service: Disruption of services can have costly and devastating consequences, affecting not only operational profitability but also the quality of life of the end-users.
  • Maximum utilization of natural resources: Growing world populations as well as accelerated modernization of critical infrastructures in developing countries place increased stress on dwindling global water and fossil fuel resources.

In the light of these challenges, the key to successful and efficient infrastructure facility management is the ability to interpret data quickly – translating valuable hindsight knowledge into strategic foresight. Facilities such as water intake plants, desalination plants, wastewater treatment plants, natural gas and oil plants, solar energy farms, wind farms must collect, analyze and model data into a format that gives managers, operators and regulators a fast and easy way to view and understand information for improved decision making – when every second counts.

iGreen, IOSight’s core solution, is a powerful platform for collecting, storing and presenting actionable data in the water and energy infrastructure markets. Since 2010 IOSight has performed more than 60 successful iGreen installations, including some of the largest desalination, water utilities, wastewater treatment plants, oil & gas and power plants in the world.

In order to meet the needs of specific verticals, IOSight is continually developing modules that leverage the iGreen rule-based engine with highly tailored domain-specific expert knowledge. To date, IOSight has introduced expert modules for: Meter Data Management, for the emerging Automatic Meter Reading market; a Desalination Expert; and a Water Balance Dashboard for the detection of anomalies in water networks.